Your ex should not be your enemy – Roman Fada advises

Radio Presenter and Artiste Manager, Roman Fada, has shared his opinion that exes are not supposed to be enemies.

This came up during a discussion with Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s In Bed with Adwen on the topic ‘Should you be friends with your ex’.

Roman Fada, supporting the motion, said, “You should know that the person you’re dating has an ex, and when you see that they’re talking on the phone or anywhere in town, be matured and know that there is nothing wrong for someone to remain friends with their exes”.

According to him, understanding this rather creates a healthy and respectable relationship between you and your new partner in a matured way.

He went on to share per his research, some reasons why exes can never and should never be enemies.

“Firstly, if you have a child with the person, how will he/she become your enemy?

Also, you two could be working on a project together. Three, you might be working in the same company. Four, you might have some mutual friends and there might be a lot of activities you’re doing together but for some reason, you had to break up”.

Roman Fada furthered that for these reasons and more, it is not advisable that partners turn to enemies after a breakup.


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