Why I HATE Valentine’s Day

The year had just began and valentine was just around the corner so I started saving up to get something nice for her. A week to Val’s day I started shopping, I found an online boutique on Instagram. I saw this really beautiful high heels for 180gh cedis, even though it 200gh cedis. I also got her a matching handbag for 150gh cedis. Went ahead to get a hamper for 300gh cedis deluxe package. It had everything in it, a teddy bear, flowers, perfume, chocolates etc. I was ready to spend all my NSS allawa on my girl to impress her.

After making all these arrangements, I ordered for a delivery guy to send her all these stuff to her at work on the morning of the 14th. I added a little note, the icing on the cake, saying “From the man of your life and your only true love”, I knew this note would make her happy.

So on Vals day I was not expecting anything from her, just gratitude was fine by me. The delivery guy called me to inform me my package was delivered, I immediately went to her whatsapp status to check if she was showing her stuff off, she loved attention. But I saw nothing. I checked the whole afternoon but I did not see anything on her status, I figured she was being low-key about it. I tried calling her phone all day but she did not answer. She later sent me a text message saying she has been busy at work. I replied her message asking if we were still on for our date tonight, she replied back saying she will call me back and that her boss is around her. I said okay and told her to get back at me later.

When I closed from work, I called her many times but she was not answering. She even stopped replying my texts. I was getting really frustrated. All I could do was to keep staring at my phone.

Then a friend of mine from the University sent me a video of my girl celebrating at the office with the stuff she got from the delivery guy. In that same video I saw my girl hugging this guy and thanking him for surprising her and for making her day, the guy had this weird smile of confusion on his face but still went ahead and received the credit for sending the hamper, bags, and shoes.

That was when I realized she had blocked me from seeing her status. I got really angry, I called her phone non-stop, she was still not answering my calls. Until I used a different number to call her. I asked her what was going on and why she wouldn’t pick any of my calls? Her excuse was that the phone was not with her. Such a lame excuse but what could I do? I told her I was on my way to her place, I was taking her out on the date we planned a week ago. She told me she was not at home and that a colleague at work asked her out on a date. Charle my heart, it was paining me eeii.

Then I asked her if she got the gift I sent her in the morning. She asked me what gift? I told her the shoes and bag and hamper that were delivered to her at work this morning. She said she did not know it was from me, then I asked her if she didn’t read the note that came with the package? She said she did, then I asked her, “Apart from me, who else is the man of your life that you couldn’t tell it was from me? Who else is the man of your life?’, this girl legit answered me ”Jesus Christ”. ‘Jesus Christ eh, Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ???’ I keep repeating it, charle na my pressure dey come sef herrhhh.

She told me “I want to hang up now ‘cos it’s rude to be talking to “someone” else on phone while on a date”. I asked her if I was the one she’s calling “Someone???” she replied saying “I dey bore am”. Charle the headache I got at that instance, I felt like I was dying. She said other nasty stuff to me, telling me I made her angry. Me? Me? Me oohhh, me the victim made her angry. A simple thank you, she never said to me and hanged up angrily. I never felt this castrated in my life!.

The next day she called me to break up with me and still never said “thank you”.

Fear woman if you want to live long, and 14th February is a scam!

So you now see why I hate Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t bring nice memories for me.

A. CleDre

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