Why girls don’t like playing truth or dare

Me: hey u wanna play truth or dare?

Her: yeah sure, but you go first…

Me: okay, Truth or Dare..

Her: Truth

Me: when last did you kiss?

Her: 15th March, 2019

Me: heerrh looooooooool hahahaha

Her: what?

Me: lol what’s with the date? you keep dates?

Her: lol

Me: your turn…

Her: Truth or Dare

Me: Truth

Her: are you a virgin?

Me: yes oooh lol

Her: liar

Me: why lol hahha

Her: you’re laughing, so you lying.

Me: haha I’m not ooh, just smiling, and am telling the truth too

Her: I still don’t believe it, I don’t trust you

Me: it’s true la!…your turn wai

Her: Truth or Dare

Me: Dare

Her: dare? Hmmm, okay, now you have to use my pic as ur dp till the next day and change your status saying you love me.

Me: you’ll get me into trouble charle lol, hahaha, I’m done!

Her: your turn.

Me: Truth or Dare

Her: Truth

Me: Tell me a secret you’ve never told anyone before.

Her: I was dating my English teacher back in JHS

Me: heerrh, you dey lie, how old were you then?

Her: 14, almost 15 years

Me: heerrhh haha you naughty I swear!

Her: ikr lol

Me: did you guys have sex?

Her: Hey! Hey! Hey! you only get to ask one question at a time, so it’s my turn!

Her: Truth or Dare

Me: lol Truth

Her: How many girls have you dated so far?

Me: 4 1/2

Her: 4 & half?

Me: yep.

Her: why?

Me: one of them wasn’t cute so she’s the half

Her: Hahahahahaha you crazy lol

Me: lol, Truth or Dare

Her: Truth

Me: Describe everything you wearing right now.

Her: kkk..a white V neck top, a plain black skirt, white panty and an anklet. 🙈🙈🙈

Me: 😍😍😍😍😍

Her: 😜😜😜😜😜 Truth or Dare

Me: Dare

Her: send me an audio of you singing a nice song

Me: what song exactly?

Her: any song you like, so far as it’s nice

Me: lol okay

*(CleDre is recording an audio…sent!!)*

Her: I know this song, Shawn Mendes – stitches…you have a nice voice, loved it :):):) 🙂

Me: you welcome :):) 🙂 Truth or Dare

Her: Truth

Me: Eeii won’t you pick Dare? 

Her: hahaha 😂😂😂 why? I will kkk

Me: aaahhh when?

Her: I will k, don’t worry

Me: you wan lie me eehh

Her: I will k, hhmmmm but I’m kinda scared to pick Dare

Me: oh why?

Her: I think you know why

Me: Naaaaaa I don’t, please tell me

Her: okay, if I pick Dare, you’ll dare me to do something I can’t do

Me: oh naaa I won’t trust me wai

Her: hmmm

Me: you can trust me wai, don’t worry, my dares are easy okay

Her: hmmm kkk

Me: did you have sex with ur JHS teacher?

Her: no I didn’t!!! 🙅🙅🙅

Me: Eeii hmmm me I don’t believe you ooh

Her: it’s true la!, we only made out, nothing serious and no sex!!!

Me: Eeii so he touches you eh, he dey press press your breasts eeehh, I envy him papa 😥😥😥

Her: lool yeah he did, but my breasts were small in size that time.

Me: Small like lime eehh lol

Her: yeah lol like small lime, Truth or Dare

Me: Truth

Her: what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever experienced?

Me: me? lol

Her: yeah you, I’m waiting…

Me: lol I can’t say it oooh, I’m shy wai

Her: I’m waiting, tell me…

Me: I was in church, my stomach was aching, and I let out a silent fart, after a few seconds, people were looking around, tracing the source of the smell… people turned back to my direction, and they were looking at me as if I’ve fart charle

Her: lol but you were the one

Me: ikr…but that wasn’t the plan, I wasn’t expecting to get busted easily, my poker face didn’t work lol, the fart sef, na ebi the silent one, no bro hear the sound, i think they caught me because i was the youngest person sitting among them lol

Me: Truth or Dare

Her: Dare

Me: send me the prettiest pic you’ve ever taken, it should be colored, no filter or make up, just natural

Her: Eeii

Me: Yes I’m waiting, send it now

Her: okay mmm (Sending pic: sent!!)

Me: is this your pic?

Her: yes please

Me: are you sure?

Her: yes pls

Me: Eeii what a face!

Her: what’s wrong?

Me: the whole Ghana you be pap queen, your beauty is second to none, charle you’re a queen

Her: thanx hun 🙂

Me: Are you a fallen angel? Did you fall from heaven? You are the prettiest, ahoכfe hemaa, woyз me taste! B3 gye kiss heerrhhh

Her: lol 🙂 Truth or Dare

Me: Dare

Her: Send me a nice pic of you

Me: lol

Her: why you laughing?

Me: please don’t laugh when I send my pic okay. Promise me, you won’t

Her: I promise won’t kkk

Me: (sending pic…sent)

Her: is that you?

Me: yes please, why?

Her: mmm tumtum bronii, you’re handsome 😍😍😍😍😍 I like ur lips, your eyes are like glittering copper, u cute 🙂

Me: thanks hunny 🙂

Her: you welcome Dre

Me: Your turn please

Her: Truth or Dare

Me: Dare

Her: Send me a pic of you right now

Me: Eeii

Her: why?

Me: I’m naked right now 🙈🙈🙈

Her: I don’t care, it’s not my fault, send it

Me: Eeii

Her: Still waiting…

Me: hmmm ok (Sending pic)

Her: Love it 😍😍😍😍😍

Me: hmmm Truth or Dare

Her: Dare

Me: (the expression on my face when she chose dare 😋😋😋)

Me: Send me your nudes

Her: lol

Me: yes

(10 minutes later)

Me: I’m waiting

(30 minutes later)

Me: hellooooo

(45 minutes later)

Me: are you still there?

(1 hour later)

Me: please come back I won’t ask for nudes again

(3 hour later)

Me: oh please am really sorry, reply me okay

(5 hours later)

Me: hello

(6 hours later)

Me: you won’t reply me? ugly girl, you think say you pretty eh? Sias3m. stupid girl, delete my number and block me.

A. CleDre

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