Who is Bridget Bema, and why is she trending [Video]

The name trending on all major social media platforms is Bridget Bema. You may be wondering who she is and why she is trending.

Well, the legendary Bridget Bema is a primary school pupil or student who is the most notorious student in her school.

In a viral video, we see a teacher with a compiled list of indisciplined or stubborn kids in the school.

There were 7 categories in all, starting from students who were not in prescribed school uniforms, latecomers, noisemakers, bullies, to those who disrespect or have no regard for teachers and guess what, Bridget Bema’s name appeared on all 7 lists.

The teacher who was dumbfounded and surprised shouted “You again” when Bridget’s name kept recurring in all the categories.

Watch the video below:

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