What’s my name??!!

Just imagine you had to sit through a boring Economics, Ceramics, physics, or chemistry class for two periods till the closing bell sounds. Me I can’t endure it. I would rather go home and sleep. The two periods is just after break, so if you want to skip class, you’ll have to leave during that time or immediately after break over.

But if a teacher or the security guys see you leaving, that could be your funeral! Especially if it’s a teacher. But other times the security guys are considerate, they can let you pass. It’s never advisable to skip class alone, I usually have a squad I skip class with, Boroo, Jaey little, Niple, NeeQuaye, Kofi Amoah, Cocoa, Daakye Hene, Paul, Frodo, and O.P.k ß (assistant class prefect). These guys hated school as much as I did.

I came to school as usual, exams starts the next day, so teachers weren’t coming to class like the whole week, they just left us to revise on our own. The time was around, 11:30 am, class was super boring, I couldn’t bare the scene, so I wanted to go home. I asked my squad if they wanna bounce early, like right now. Most of them said no. They said it’s too early, we should wait for break time.

But “charle” I couldn’t wait, I wanted to go home now, so I took my bag and went out the door. I used the back gate, usually there’s no security at that entrance around that time. So far I haven’t been caught, minutes later I was out of the school premises. I took the route to Odorkor, where I would board a “trotro” going to circle.

I got to Odorkor, waiting for a bus to Circle. I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes now, the sun was scorching, I was sweating, the area around my armpit of the school uniform was wet. As I stood there waiting, a car pulled over to where I was standing. When I saw the car I wanted to run, but I couldn’t, I just froze!

The car was a Golf 3, ash colour, a very old car, students usually called it, “Sardine konko”, and this car belonged to the Headmaster of my school. I knew I was dead meat when he got out of the car. First thing he did was to glance at his watch and ask me, “young man, aren’t you supposed to be in school? What are you doing here?”

I had to lie, so I said, “sir please I’m very sick, I need to go home”, then he said, “where’s your exeat?”,  I replied, “sir please I’m not a boarder, a day student please”, then he replied, “why didn’t you go to the sick bay at the school?”, then I replied, “sir please I went there, but there was a queue there, and I couldn’t wait”, then he said, “did you seek permission from any teacher before leaving school?”

“yes sir, I did”. Then he said, “where is your permission letter?”, I replied, “sir please when I asked for it, he said he’s busy, so he can’t sign the letter for me, but he’s given me permission to leave”. The headmaster stood there 5 minutes just looking at me, I knew he wasn’t convinced. Then he said, “what is your name?”, I had to fake my name, if I give him my real name, I’ll be in big trouble, so I replied, “sir please my name is Yaw Ofosu Amoah”.

Looking in his eyes, he wasn’t convinced. Then by surprise he snatched my backpack from my hand, opened it, took a book with my name on it. Then he said, “your name is CleDre De Grey, in 4 visual art 1, so you lied to me? I’ll hold on to your book for now, meet me at my office during break tomorrow, is that clear?”, “yes sir”, I replied. Then he let me go.

I wanted to cry, I was in deep trouble. I didn’t want to come to school the next day, but I couldn’t, exams starts tomorrow. I just had to come to school. My first paper starts 8:00am to 9:30am. I have one paper, so I planned writing and leaving school before the headmaster sends people after me.  The next day I was in school as early as 7:00am, during assembly, the headmaster said he had an announcement. Then he called out my name in-front of the whole school. I didn’t respond, I pretended not to hear it. He called out my name several times, but I never responded. Then my friends were asking why the headmaster was calling me, what have I done? I didn’t say anything.

He got angry and came looking for me in the crowd. Then he saw me and called me out, the whole school were laughing at me, I was a popular guy in school, everyone knew me. So the headmaster asked me why I didn’t respond, then I told him, CleDre De Grey wasn’t my name. Then he asked me my name.

I turned facing the whole school and screamed, “WHAT’S MY NAME?”IMG_20150824_174331

then the whole school shouted, “AZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZO!” laughing hysterically. Then I told him my name was AZIZO(that was my nickname). The headmaster stood there staring at me like


After my little crazy stunt, he called for a cane, the way he whipped me eehhh.IMG_20151103_143313.jpg

A. CleDre

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