WETAYA SONG OF THE DAY: Twitch – Happy Everyday

Today we bring to your listening pleasure a tune by Prince Andor, popularly known as Twitch. Released in 2019, this artistic masterpiece tagged “Happy Everyday” was produced by Kayso.

This is literally a Ground Up record, and on this ingenious Kayso production, Twitch preaches happiness, admonishing people to grow tougher skins to their worries rather than letting it drown them and also an era of boot for boot, insecurity and the cedi uselessly chasing the dollar and unstandardized societal standard.

In the end, we are all a bunch of unhappy people. No doubt, the song is a happy song, but beyond that, Twitch deserves commendations for speaking about this cancerous canker which is eating the very essence of life, out of our minds.
Go on and enjoy the song. Let us know your thoughts. Feel free to share it with us on social media.
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