WETAYA SONG OF THE DAY: Sub Urban – Cradles

“Cradles” is a song by American singer Sub Urban,released on January 5, 2019. The song was produced and mixed by Sub Urban. “Cradles” in 2019 has amassed an impressive 86 million Spotify streams. Sub Urban produced the track in his own living room from home.

As cradles’ song inspired: “In my living room. I started at the piano. I was writing this idea of jazz for a low-fi hip-hop thing and just randomly played the chords and realized like, “Shit, that’s a hit.” I just heard it. I was like, “That’s kind of fucking sexy.” So I went to my room and started writing. I had no idea what it was until I heard my friend’s music he did recently and he had this music box on the bridge. Originally, I wanted to go with a string pizzicato for the drop and realized that this would sound much more raw with only music box bells, and I went with that and it got really good, especially with the sub and then the bells afterwards, following it. I immediately thought, “Oh, this could be a vision of babies, childhood, innocence, whatever.” Something like Melanie Martinez. I didn’t even know about her when I started writing, so that was weird. Everybody was comparing me. Like, “Oh, you’re the male Melanie Martinez.”

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