VIDEO: Prophet Nigel Gaisie prophesied the death of J.J Rawlings several times

As the nation mourns, many Ghanaians still wondered and kept asking if none of the so-called powerful Ghanaian pastors saw or prophesied the death of the late former president.

Of course, this is not surprising because whenever a public figure or celebrity dies, one or more pastors take credit for seeing or prophesying about their death in advance.

But that wasn’t the case with the former president. Many alluded the silence of the pastors to the fact that the former president was a “no-nonsense” man with a military background and thus inspired fear.

Well, like many were expecting, there are a series of videos making rounds on social media which shows Prophet Nigel Gaisie prophesying about the death of the former president several times.

Though he did not mention his name explicitly, all the signs, descriptions, and clues he gave pointed to Jerry John Rawlings.

The Prophet further said he only withheld the name because he didn’t want any backlash or insults from the general public.

Check out the video below.

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