VIDEO: Man in his 20s is shot dead at point-blank range in broad daylight

A 22-year old man identified as  Imani Allaway-Muir, was blasted at point-blank range seven times in Islington, north London on Saturday (July 4, 2020) afternoon by a killer on a moped. The victim was shot at 3.20pm and died at the scene.

According to Scotland Yard: ‘Officers attended with LAS and found a man, believed to be aged in his early 20s, suffering from gunshot injuries. One friend of the victim said: ‘It’s more shocking that he was shot rather than stabbed’.

Officers investigating the murder are trying to determine whether the shooting was linked to the nearby Pentonville prison and young offender’s institution. The area is also linked to rival gang disputes. ‘Despite their best efforts, he was pronounced dead at the scene. ‘Next of kin have been informed.’

One witness, who saw the murder from his window said: ‘I heard around seven shots, ran to the window, and a guy on a bike or moped rode off. ‘He was looking back. When I looked to the park, I could see a guy staggering then fell. ‘That was it then police came. They are taping the area now… No one’s allowed to leave.’

The witness who heard gunshots from his window in Islington added: ‘There’s always crime around here, the shooting is shocking, but not much of a surprise. ‘It’s not nice though, especially near the local park.’

The investigation is being led by detectives from Specialist Crime (Homicide). A full forensic examination is taking place at the scene searching for evidence while officers are canvassing the area looking for witnesses. Nobody has been arrested yet in connection with the investigation. Police are especially keen to talk to anyone who may have been driving along Roman Way around 3.20pm and have dashcam footage.

Scotland Yard said: ‘The public have a huge role in helping to both prevent and detect crime. We need to hear from anyone who has information about this crime, or about someone they suspect to be carrying a weapon or involved in organized crime. ‘If you don’t want to speak to the police, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

They are a totally independent charity and you remain 100 percent anonymous, they never ask your name and they cannot trace your call, your IP address, or device you use.’

A man from the area, who did not wish to be named, said he ‘knew the victim well’, having heard their identity from a friend. ‘I’ve grown up around the Caledonian Road for the majority of my younger life, I stopped hanging around on the streets in around 2016 but I have a lot of connections to the area still.

‘He was just one of the younger kids from my area who I knew from my time in hanging around on the Caledonian Road/Bemerton estate, I saw him a few weeks ago near Paradise Park. ‘It’s very sad and I feel for his family… but this young man is probably the 10th person I know from the borough to die due to violence so it’s hardly a shock anymore.’


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