The Real Truth About Life After Marriage

While the plan is to get married and stay married, it is not always that easy. ‘Happily ever after’ sounds like something you only hear in the movies or cartoon animations, which seems far-fetched. Do not get me wrong, marriage is a beautiful thing but I am here to spill some ‘real truths’ that you should know.

The sex after the first few months of your marriage will be amazing. It will be passionate, full of romance, edgy and spontaneous. However, this will change, after some years the sex will be monotonous. It will be dull, tiring and exhausting. The sex will be so routine. Cheating on your spouse will cross your mind, but the guilt and betrayal might make you remain faithful, so in looking for alternatives one might get into masturbation, which is not healthy and comes with serious psychological implications.

If you decided to have children, you might secretly regret having them, especially when they are babies. The sleepless night, the diaper trips, the financial strain babies come with will be overwhelming. You might also come to regret having too many children, these feelings will wander through your mind all the time and you might come to hate them and the cost they bring.

You and your spouse will argue a lot, if not every day. Unresolved built up resentment will definitely be the backbone of most of your arguments. You will argue over absolutely pointless and meaningless things and the sight of each other will start to annoy you. When your spouse comes home, you might prefer spending your time with friends or just leave the house.

You will stop doing things together, things like, cooking, washing, cleaning, reading together or watching movies together or just talking and enjoying each other’s company. Going out to fancy restaurants or places will only be on special days or holidays.

You will think of divorce, but you have become so attached to your spouse and children that the good moments you have shared with them will make you stay. So you tend to be in a perpetual state of unhappiness mixed with what feels like odd contentment.

But the real truth is, you are just scared of what people, family and friends will say or might happen if you divorce your spouse. Nobody likes to be wrong or admit failure so living with the scar of a failed marriage after a divorce is not something most people are willing to live with, so you pile up all these feelings inside you and never tell a soul.

Therefore, you pretend and smile for family photos so that everybody on Facebook will think you are happy.

A. CleDre

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