The Blue Whale, is the largest known animal in the world

What is the biggest or largest animal you have ever seen before? Some may say the African elephant, others might say the Colossal Squid, the Giraffe, the Brown Bear, the whale Shark, the saltwater crocodile, or the Ostrich. Though these animals are incredibly large or huge in size, they come no close to the enormous size of the Blue Whale.

Just how large is the Blue whale? The adult blue whale has an average weight of 190, 000 Kg. A full grown elephant can weigh up to 6,000 Kg, so you would have to combine the weight of about 32 elephants to get the weight of the Blue Whale!

The blue whale can grown to a length of 30 meters (98.4252 feet), its tongue alone is as heavy as a full grown elephant, its heart is as big and heavy as a small car, and its veins are wide enough for a human to crawl in without any difficulty. Amazing, right?

Kwame Sektor

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