Tekashi69 goes on IG Live, calls himself ‘king of New York’ and drops new music after Meek Mill called him a ‘rat’ on twitter

Tekashi 69 has been no stranger to the spotlight lately after his recent prison release. He was quick to jump back on Instagram to post pictures and announce that he will be doing an Instagram Live session today. This all came after rapper Meek Mill called him a “rat” on Twitter and ignited a feud. And of course, naturally, Tekashi clapped back.

The rapper posted a tweet saying “IM GOING LIVE ON IG FRIDAY 3 PM EST.” It was his first tweet since February 13, 2019. It had people wondering what the rapper was going to announce on Instagram. Meek hoped he was going to make a public apology.

Tekashi 69 Began Speculation About His New Music Drop

Though most of the people in New York City have been staying home amid the coronavirus pandemic, the rapper tried to do some promotion for his new single in Times Square. A billboard featuring Tekashi dressed in a rainbow puffer coat said “new single 05.08.20 3:PM EST.” This is an interesting tactic to use as a promotion considering that Times Square has been empty and without tourists for months. But hey, when you have a record like Tekashi’s, you have to use any mode of promotion you can to gain some exposure and fans.

Tekashi also left a comment on Tory Lanez’s “Quarantine Radio” Instagram Live session that teased new music. He said “lemme play this new s**t or ima snitch on u. you not even from America u from Canada.” He basically hinted at having new music that he wanted to release on Lanez’s show. Tekashi implied that he would snitch on Lanez if he didn’t release it.

What Did Tekashi 69 Do?

In December 2019, Tekashi was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to charges stemming from his involvement in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang. The rapper suffers from severe asthma, which meant he was at a greater risk if he contracted COVID-19 behind bars. He was released early from prison and is currently on home confinement.

The judge allowed him to “conduct employment-related activities outside the residence but within the confines of the rented property for two hours per week on one specific day that needs advanced approval by the Probation Officer.” So it makes sense how he has recorded new music and planned for its release.

Meek Mill Was Quick To Call Out Tekashi For His Wrong-Doings In A Series Of Tweets

When Meek heard the news of Tekashi’s live session, he was not too happy. “I hope that rat going live to apologize to the people he told on or the victim….. Y’all forgot that fast a “rat” killed Nipsey he wasn’t supposed to be on the streets! That’s the only thing ima day because he’s dead… left his baby mom and childlike a coward as targets!” Meek clearly wants Tekashi to apologize to those that he affected by cooperating with the Federal Government. He earned his reputation as a snitch when he specifically referenced other gang members by name in his testimony. He even alleged that they were a part of violent acts including assault and kidnapping. It seems like Meek is also blaming Tekashi for the murder of Nipsey Hussle.

Tekashi responded to the twitter slander. He said, “Imagine having a newborn baby come into the world and be pressed about a Mexican with rainbow hair.” Meek and his girlfriend just welcomed a baby boy. This is Meek’s third child. Meek called Tekashi an “informant behind a keyboard.” He said that he will always be there for his children, unlike Tekashi. Tekashi has one daughter born in 2015.

Not only did Meek call out the rapper for being a snitch, but he also threw shade at his new music. He called Tekashi’s new song “trash.”

We think it’s safe to say that these two rappers will never get along. There is just way too much bad blood between them. We clearly are not getting the full story from social media.

Source: Samantha Agate/talentrecap

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