Teacher fired after suggesting that black people “move back to Africa” on her Facebook page

A second-grade teacher in Mississippi was fired after suggesting that black people “move back to Africa” on her Facebook page, which she later tried to claim had been hacked.

Cammie Rone was booted by the South Panola School District from her position at Batesville Intermediate School after a brief probe into the post, which has since been removed, WREG reported.

“If blacks in this country are so offended, no one is forcing them to stay here,” Rone posted, according to screenshots captured by parents of students at the school. “Why don’t they pack up and move back to Africa where they will have to work for a living. I am sure our government will pay for it! We pay for everything else.”

In a message Monday, Rone claimed she had been hacked, saying that she sticks to posting about “cows, recipes and home improvements” — and “not racism.”

“Please know I have not posted or made any kind of ractist [sic] comments,” Rone continued. “Any questions please feel free to call me.”

One parent said she no longer felt it was appropriate for Rone, who can still appeal the district’s decision, to teach her son.

“I don’t feel right with her teaching him,” Keboni Anderson told WREG. “She came [across] to me as a good person and then when I read the comment, it rubbed me the wrong way.”

Another parent said Rone, as a public school teacher, had no business divulging her personal prejudices online.

“You should not even go on social media and say anything pertaining to race,” Tammie Thornton told the station, adding that she doubted Rone’s claim that her account was compromised.

“I don’t think her account was hacked,” she said. “I really don’t.”

Rone did not return a message seeking comment Wednesday. She studied elementary education at the University of Mississippi and went to South Panola High School, according to her Facebook page. As of Wednesday, Rone was no longer on the school’s faculty website.

Source: New York Post

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