Taxi driver [email protected]@t#s in front of female passengers, says their dressing is too tempting [Graphic video]

A ridiculous video of a taxi driver masturbating in the presence of two female passengers has hit social media.

Social media users are left in disgust by the utter display of shamelessness in the video. The incident reportedly happened in Nigeria.

The video shows the driver suddenly pulling out his manhood while driving the ladies to their destination.

Shockingly, the young man was heard asking the ladies to help him yank it till he was relieved, and they refused.

When asked by the ladies why he was engaging in such an ungodly and shameful act, the driver said he was provoked by the dress the ladies were wearing.

Watch the video below:

 They looked on as this “crazy” young man did his own thing till he climaxed. According to the passengers, they were in shock the whole time this went on.

Furthermore, they lamented that it was no longer safe for young women to go out in Nigeria anymore. 

Source: Ghpage

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