Spot -A robot dog that can map its environment, sense and avoid obstacles, climb stairs, and open doors

Spot is a robot dog created by Boston Dynamics (an American engineering and robotics design company founded in 1992). That 4- legged robot dog can climb, walk around and can go up and down the stairs, open doors and also pick up objects for you.

This robot dog is capable of handling up to 14 kg payloads. It has a 3D vision system and stereo cameras to avoid obstacles and people as it moves through dynamic work sites. Spot has omni-directional walking (it can move in all directions) and trotting movement. It can as well climb and descend stairs while balancing and adjusting to physical disturbances. Spot is built to withstand dusty and wet industrial environments, so it can function just as well outdoors. While it is remote controlled by a human operator, it is also able to navigate and perform some tasks autonomously.

One of the plus sides to having this robot dog, is that you’re freed from extra care such as taking it to the vet or buying it food.

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