Security man arrested after stealing 10 iPhones from travellers and hiding them in his socks [watch video]

A viral video on social media has captured moments a security man was disgraced after he was busted for stealing phones.

Reports indicate he was nabbed with 10 iPhone 8 handsets which he is believed to have stolen from travelers’ luggage. The security man in the video was seen undergoing a search by his apprehenders.

The suspect, believed to be in his 40s, to the shock of witnesses, removed the phones from different parts of his working gear including his socks and shoes.

He went on to remove others from his pockets during which an unidentified man, who sounded angry, was heard yelling for him to be searched thoroughly because he cannot be trusted.

The suspect was then made to pull down his trousers to make way for his apprehenders to search if there were more phones on him.

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