Sarkodie teases FanYogo over their “air-filled” meat pie

For decades now, one of the most fraudulent cases the police hasn’t been able to fathom or solve is the “air-pie” yoghurt sellers sell to consumers as meat pie…

Meat pie is supposed to be filled with meat as the name suggests, but that is not the case with our yoghurt sellers who sell pastries alongside the highly esteemed FanYogo or FanMilk range of ice-creams.

We all, whether young or old, rich or poor, enjoy “yoghurt” as we generally refer to FanMilk products, what most people complain about though is the pastries that are sold as complements.

Rapper Sarkodie bought yoghurt and what he thought was meat pie, but upon breaking it, he realized it was filled with air and not meat. Confused, he took to twitter to ask FanYogo what exactly the alleged “meat pie” is.


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