Residents in shock as a huge house is lifted and moved to a new location [watch video]

A video has gone viral on social media in which a house in the United States was recently moved from its old address to a new location, and it cost the owner more than $400,000 (GH₵ 2,299,346.00) to do so.

The house, which is a 139-year-old Victorian house in San Francisco, was moved to make way for another building.

In the video that was shared on Twitter by @jrstonelive, residents could be seen watching the moment the old house was moved from its old address 807 Franklin St to 635 Fulton St, San Francisco, six blocks away.

Captioning the video, @jrstonelive wrote:

Nothing to see here, just a historic San Francisco Victorian home coming down the street! Today it’s being moved 6 blocks for more than $400,000. It’s old location near Turk and Franklin will soon be home to more than 60 apartments.”

Tweeps took to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

@shopper61 wrote: “Worked on a historic home move in Phoenix years ago. Engineering was crazy that held it together. Biggest part was selecting the route to move it, power line moving, underground utility issues. Jacking it up without breaking it! All in all, it was a blast to do it!”

@kimbaruss2 commented: “Amazing! I always wonder what the original owners would think about the moving itself and the technology that makes it possible. Although modern tech isn’t required, it just makes it easier. Alexander Hamilton’s home was moved (the 1st time) in 1889!”

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