Reckon with Japan’s 60-Foot-Tall Gundam Robot

Groundwork for the robot is already being laid, as scaffolding is presently in place at Yamashita Pier, where the mega-Gundam will live for a full year, beginning in October. But the engineering challenges will be great, as the current level of expertise in actuation will be pushed to the limit. It’s one thing to merely build a bipedal walking robot it’s a whole other challenge to build one that’s 60 feet tall and weighs 25 tons.Several videos from the Gundam Channel outline the creation process. In the second installment, we get a tour of where the hands are being designed, built, and assembled. From the metal fingertip to where the wrist will connect, the hand is about 6.5 feet, or approximately one Big Ben Roethlisberger.Jun Narita, head of design, explains that he’s having a rough time of it. Special considerations about the types of material and motors must be taken into account, because otherwise, one hand could weigh as much as 600 kilograms, or over 1,300 pounds. “This weight restriction is like a curse,” he says in Japanese.

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