VIDEO: Range Rover catches fire, social media blasts car owner for trying to use cheap fire extinguisher to take out the fire

Footage uploaded on social media shows a Range Rover with license plate ” “G – LIFE 9 – 18” up in flames with helpless standbys looking on.

Its uncertain what caused the Range rover to catch fire but its certainly not how the owner imagined his day would be like when he woke up.

The sleek silver Range Rover worth millions has attracted sympathies and also backlash from netizens.

“you buy Range Rover over 100k but cant buy 150gh 6k fire extinguisher” blasts one netizen.

“Expensive car so dier you for put double agent extinguisher (wet and foam) 5kg. but rich be relative enti” another netizen blats the driver.

watch the video below:

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