Public charging stations: the new weapon of Hackers

In today’s world, dubbed the “Computer age”, people are so attached to their mobile phones so much so that the notification “Low battery” has become an emergency call. Especially when you are at a public place away from home, you become so desperate that you are willing to do anything to charge up your phone battery.

To address this problem, public charging stations (USB ports) were made available in public transports like buses and trains, in restaurants, malls, parks, and at many other vantage points. Like any other human invention or endeavor, this plausible idea has a downside or poses a serious threat, as hackers have found ways to upload or install computer malware or viruses into these charging stations that enable them to gain complete access to your device once they are plugged into these public charging stations. They can gain remote access to your passwords, emails, bank details, phone camera, and any other information they need.

The scary part is that, once you connect your device to a bugged or infected public charging station, the malware or virus is uploaded onto your device, and from that point your device doesn’t need to be connected to the station for them to gain access. So that’s how you can quickly move from “Low battery” to “Low or empty bank account”. So the next time you want to use a public charging station, please think twice.

The video below shows a real-life demonstration of how hackers exploit these public charging stations.

Kwame Sektor

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