PHOTOS: Real life good Samaritan; As two good Samaritans pay for transport and treatment of Okada rider and passenger involved in a bloody accident

Two okada riders were involved in a bloody motor crash as a result of over-speeding on the Ogbojo Koo St., at Ogbojo in Accra. The driver lost control at a sharp curve and rode straight into a gutter near by.

The passenger behind the rider got the most blood on himself because he attempted to jump off the motor bike before it went into the gutter, a decision he will live to regret. His attempted Jackie Chan stunt failed as he lost footing and balance and went straight into the gutter and coming out with bruises on his ribs, likely broken, knee, thighs, legs and a bleeding head, possible concussion.

Both riders around the ages of 17 or 18 were not wearing a helmet or any protective gear. The okada rider fled the scene with few scratches and minor bruises, he was nowhere to be seen and left his passenger bleeding.

The accident drew crowd who came to witness the sorry state of the accident victim. Some tried to help him by washing blood off his face with water while others stood stunned at how broken the motor bike was. People were willing to take the accident victim to the hospital but no one was ready to lead the way, some said they didn’t have money to pay the bills should the need arise and no taxi driver was willing to carry the bleeding passenger in his car.

Two gentlemen in a private car who later came to the scene because of the large crowd the accident had attracted offered to pay for the transport and treatment of the barely alive moaning in pain accident victim. One of the gentleman asked the victim to be taken to the Twumasiwaa Hospital, which was few kilometers away and ask for a specific doctor by name who is a friend of the good samaritan or any available doctors at the hospital.

He later added that he was on his way to town for business and on his way back, he’ll pass by the Twumasiwaa Hospital and pay any outstanding debt to be incurred in his treatment.

The police was later seen at the scene to access the situation and later convey the broken motor bike to the nearest police station.


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