Oculus Quest – All in one virtual reality headset

Oculus VR, a subdivision of Facebook Technologies, LLC, is an American technology company that specializes in virtual reality hardware and software. For those new to it, virtual reality (VR), is any technology that generates a simulated experience that is similar to the real or physical world. This means that unlike the interfaces that we’re used to such as the computer screen, mobile phone and the likes that allow us to see pictures and videos, virtual reality puts you in the movie you’re watching or game you’re playing (or at least it gives you the feeling that you’re actually in it). For gamers, VR allows you to run around, race, fight, fly and create in a way that would otherwise be impossible.

To that end, one of the latest gadgets released by Oculus VR, is the Oculus Quest – an all in one VR headset. It is rightly referred to as an all in one headset because, unlike the previous VR gear produced by Oculus, the Oculus Quest does not require a connection to any computer, mobile phone or gaming console when it is being used. After buying, set up the device with your Oculus mobile app and Oculus Quest has everything you need to explore VR, right out of the box. Whiles the device can be used to watch movies creating the VR effect, it seems to make more sense to explore the boundaries of it’s functionality when playing games.

When playing games, the Oculus Insight tracking system instantly reflects your movements in VR without the need for any external accessories. The headset also comes with controllers that precisely recreate your hands, their gestures and interactions, so every game is real enough to reach out and touch.

Oculus offers a 64GB and a 128GB Oculus Quest headset storage options with 5 pre-loaded games. However, additional games can be downloaded onto the device. You’ll be glad to know that the device goes for just $399 (for the 64gb option) and $499 (for the 128gb opotion).

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