Nobody in their right frame of mind will be gay – Prophet Kofi Oduro (VIDEO)

Controversial preacher, Prophet Kofi Oduro has waded into the never-ending argument about the establishment of the LGBT community in Ghana.

According to the Head Pastor of Alabaster International Ministries, nobody in their right frame of mind would ever join the LGBT community and that the practice is sinful in the eyes of God.

He was asked to offer a piece of advice to the LGBT community in Ghana on Peace FM when he made this statement.

“What the flesh is willing to do is dangerous. The flesh always desires lust and if you follow the desires of the flesh you will fall into destruction.”

“It’s the flesh that forces people to commit sins. The Bible says we have free will but we should exercise self-control. Sin can be deceitful, don’t allow yourself to take control of you.”

Kofi Oduro said he will remember them in prayers but stated that nobody in their ‘right frame of reasoning’ will join the LGBT community.

“We will continue to remember them in prayers. It’s not their fault. Nobody in their right frame of reasoning and brainstorming will do this. It’s a lust that blinds people. Some people start this from childhood. Let’s stop and make it right with God,” he concluded.

Last week, the Ghana Police Service raided and closed down one of the LGBT offices at Ashongman Estates in Accra.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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