New technology that automatically fixes phone cracks within 20 mins

Fumbling your smartphone and seeing it crash towards the ground is an expensive slip which often leads to a shattered screen and an expensive repair bill. 

Tech firms have, as a result, pushed millions into developing tougher screen and protective cases but have still failed to completely remove the curse of the smashed screen.

South Korean researchers now believe they have made a game-changing breakthrough thanks to a research project which embeds linseed oil in the screen in the form of microcapsules to repair cracks when they appear. 

In laboratory tests the researchers proved that when cracks occur on the screen, the transparent linseed oil is released and proceeds to harden in the newly-made fissures, repairing any damage. 

According to researchers, this process rectifies the damage to the screen and can fix 95 percent of all cracks within 20 minutes.

This photo from KIST shows how the material formed combines transparency with impressive mechanical properties. It could also heal itself following damage due to linseed oil microcapsules. 

Linseed oil is used to treat cricket bats and preserve artworks, because it has no colour, it is readily available and hardens at room temperature. 

The process can take hours but is accelerated by warmer temperatures and UV light.  

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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