My first kiss – Part I

Let me tell you about my first kiss, I still remember it, like it was just yesterday.

Place: A school park
Time: Night, around 10pm
Age: 15
Who I kissed?: None of ya dammmmn business
First kiss rating: (7/10)
Mood: Mixed feelings

The more you talk to someone for a long time, be it calls or texting, the closer you guys become and the stronger the feelings between you guys get, especially when you guys have a lot in common. Due to this “theory” of mine, I started thinking, so now we’re “dating” so what next?

I started thinking about kissing her, asking questions like, how do I kiss her? For how long should I kiss her? Where do I kiss her? How do I tell her I want to kiss her? Lots of questions were popping up in my mind.

At first I wanted to tell her my intentions, like, tell her straight forward that I wanted to kiss her, but I started thinking, she might not like the idea, being straight forward like that might startle her and I wasn’t sure how she would take it. But the bottom line was, I wanted to kiss her, and I had to do it one way or the other, call it a “premeditated kiss” if you will. 

I’ve been thinking about the kiss for weeks now and I was more determined now than ever, so I had to find a way for us to meet. I started asking her questions, questions like, what time do you close from school? What time do you get home? Are you alone at home after school? What time do you finish your chores? What hours are you free? Are you allowed to go out at night? When does your aunty arrive home after work? I had to ask these questions in order to avoid any bad consequences should things go south. I wasn’t ready for any trouble.

I got answers to some of these questions, she told me she was mostly free after school, nobody is usually home during those hours, her little brother always goes out to play with his friends after school, her aunty won’t be at home till dark, and she didn’t have many chores to do at that time of the day, so she’ll be home alone. I told her I’ll be coming over to see her after school, and she agreed.

I went home straight after school, I didn’t wait a second, I wanted to be in and out of her house as quickly as possible, time was of the essence, every second was precious, because if we get caught kissing, we are screwed! Don’t forget I was 15 and she was 13 at that time. On that day, I got home early around 2:40pm, changed out of my school uniform, and started walking to her house. She lived 30 minutes away from me. I walked briskly so I got there in 7 minutes.

She was at home as she said, she also got home minutes before I arrived. I asked her how school went and how her day was. We started talking, talking and talking about random stuff that happened in our various schools, but honestly my thoughts were on how I could kiss her, she had no idea why I was visiting her, and maybe she thought it was one of those normal casual visits. “But for my mind inside, na I get agenda.”

So we’ve been talking for like an hour now, and the sun was slowly setting down, and I knew I had to act fast, but I didn’t know what to do, I was confused at that time.

2 hours was almost up, and still no kiss, we’ve been talking all these while, but I didn’t have the balls to do what I came there to do, and it was getting late, I knew people would start coming home soon. I didn’t know what to do, so I gave up my agenda!

I told her, ”it’s getting late so I would like to go home now, please escort me to your junction”.

When we got up from our chairs, our eyes met! Instantly I felt the urge to kiss her, we were both staring at each other, the feeling was right, the moment was right, all I had to do was lean over and kiss her, because in that moment I felt like we were both drawn to each other, I could see that was my last chance. So I leaned forward to kiss her…

Just when our lips were about meeting, I heard “creeeeeeeecchhh”, the creaking sound of the main gate to the compound house. It was opening, someone was coming in. “Sh*t!!!”, I uttered in my mind, a tenant walked into the house. Charle the guy ruined my only chance to kiss her. I was devastated. I was just about to kiss her when he walked in.

Honestly, I didn’t blame him, I mean it’s his house, he lived there, for me, I was only visiting, I mean I had my chance for like 2 hours but I blew it…so what could I have done with a few seconds that I got? I told her I had to leave anyway, I didn’t want her aunty coming over to see me there, I had to go home, she noticed I had a long face on, she asked me about it, but I didn’t tell her anything, she insisted, but I was mute, told her nothing was wrong, I left there with a sad face.

Going home took forever! I wasn’t myself, I was sad, I was really upset. I kept thinking about what just happened. I knew I blew my chances to kiss her, I was with her for almost 2 hours and I couldn’t do anything but talk about school stuff, the tenant who barged in wasn’t to blame, I blamed myself, I was weak, and it cost me my kiss.

On the phone she asked me why I was looking moody when I left her house. I didn’t want to tell her anything, she kept insisting but I said nothing. I later sent her a text message, “I wanted to kiss you, but I didn’t know how to do it, that’s why, I was sad”….an hour later she replied saying, “I also wanted to kiss you”.

I was excited! She felt the same, we were both on the same page. I called her to tell her I’ll be coming back to her house that evening, I wanted my kiss before the next day..…and she agreed.

At 9:30pm, she called me saying she was done with her chores so I could come over, I changed and wore something nice, but my next problem was how to get out of the house, I had to find a convincing excuse, so I told my mom I was going to buy a mathset for my maths homework. She believed my lie, she had no idea I was going out to kiss a girl.

I sent her a text that I was just behind her gate…she replied saying she would be out soon. But she was still not out after 25 minutes, I was getting impatient, so I sent her a text, saying she should hurry up, my bedtime was almost up!

I tried peeping through their gate to check what was keeping her, but in doing that her aunty caught sight of me and asked what I was doing there.

I told her I went somewhere and decided to pass by her house and greet her, she smiled at me and told me to hurry home and also send her regards to my mother, I smiled back, and asked to take my leave. Then her aunty told her to go escort me to the junction, I was just smiling in my head, a blessing in disguise, “Kwerh…..I hit jackpot, lol”.

We got out, holding hands, and talking about what we texted about on phone. We were walking straight, but suddenly I took a right turn, then she asked me where I was taking her, I told her to remain quiet and follow me. Moments later, we were standing in the middle of a school park.

People were there, you could see people praying and shouting in tongues, others were walking by, but to avoid all these people, I took her to the darkest part of the school park, where we couldn’t see anyone’s face, and no one could see ours. The dark was the perfect spot to do what I wanted to do.

We were standing there, my hands were around her waist, her arms around my neck, just standing there and looking into each other’s eyes, the feeling was nice, the moment was perfect! Like joke like joke…I finally kissed her, mouth to mouth, lip to lip, tongue to tongue, saliva to saliva! She kissed me back, but I felt nothing, only saliva in my mouth, but then we kissed again…it felt better than the very first kiss, the kisses got better with each turn.

My hands started moving from her waist up to her chest, fondling what was beneath those clothes. It was my first time touching those too.

We were just standing there and kissing and enjoying the moment, it was my first kiss, so I had to enjoy it, it was very symbolic, and I knew it was something I won’t be able to forget.

As we stood there kissing, she got carried away…..something happened, something that caught me off guard!

Part 2 drops soon…..


A. CleDre

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