Muzo – A device that creates your personal silence zone by minimizing unwanted noises

People are surrounded by unwanted disturbances everywhere. Whether on a bus, at a restaurant, at school or at work, these noises can sometimes disrupt our peace and most importantly our focus when we need to concentrate on something important.

To resolve this frustration and provide a desired environment to people, a design studio – Celestial Tribe, based in San Fransicsco has created Muzo, a smartphone-controlled device that maintains serenity, sleep and privacy by minimizing nearby noises with its anti-vibration technology.

It is a tiny, solid device that can be easily carried everywhere. Using it is also simple, just stick the device to any flat surface and press the button to transform that whole surface into a crystal clear sound speaker. It connects to smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and allows you to control all features of Muzo with its dedicated app. The device operates in 3 modes:

  • Serenity mode: to create a silent place by Anti-Vibration
  • Sleep mode: to achieve better sleep quality by Scene Creation
  • Secret mode: to protect speech privacy by Sound Masking

Muzo generates dynamically realistic sounds through 10W Billionsound technology exciter, to lower any disturbing noises and creates a preferred atmosphere for improved sleep. Additionally, this device allows you to enjoy tranquil sounds of nature or complete silence to gain peace of mind. The Serenity mode creates a secluded space to enjoy silence and the Secret mode uses the noise masking technology to provide required privacy even in open places like restaurants. Also, the Sleep mode initiates sound sleep by playing soothing soundtracks and later these sound waves also wake you up in time.

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