Muntari explains reason behind his stubbornness in football matches

Former Ghana International, Sulley Ali Muntari has revealed the reason behind his stubbornness on the pitch during football games.

According to Muntari, the field is where he makes money hence there’s no reason to joke when it’s time to make money.

Muntari is known for his seriousness and ruthless tackles in matches. One of his greatest assets include shooting from long distance which is admired by many football fans around the world.

Speaking in an interview with Nana Ama McBrown, he noted that his upbringing transformed his character on the pitch as well.

“They say you’re stubborn on the field?” Nana Ama McBrown asked.

“Yeah because that is where I eat,” Muntari said.

Making an allusion to his upbringing he said, “I lived in a compound house and we use to eat together both Muslims and Christians, so if you don’t eat fast what happens, it will get finished.

“So, that is how I transformed because if I go and play there, that is where I eat so if anyone wants to stop, nah he will go down. You can go but I will be here that’s the thing.”

Due to his character on and off the pitch the Ghanaian player has been tagged for different reasons.

However, Muntari believes the perception created out there is wrong.

According to him, “People who say I’m a bad person don’t have work to do because if you have work to do you won’t be thinking of somebody.”

He also added, “You may be probably thinking of someone but someone who has a good life and doing positive things, then you watch them and learn something from them, you don’t sit there and say things that’s ignorance.”

Source: ghanaweb.com

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