Military officer canes young man for not wearing a nose mask [watch video]

In his last update on the measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus, the President ordered that the wearing of mask is now mandatory.

And to enforce that, he tasked the security services (Military and Police) to arrest anyone who fails to put on a nose mask in public.

It seems the arrest isn’t punishment enough as people still go to town with no mask.

A military officer in a viral video could be seen flogging a young man for not wearing his nose mask.

He was holding a cane and ordered the young man to hold unto a taxi while he lashed the hell out of him.

Human rights activists are saying the military officer’s action is bad and that he needs to be called to order.

But others too are of the opinion that this punishment could deter others from going to town without a mask, so they don’t get flogged or humiliated in public.

Watch the video below:

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