Meet The Legendary Voice Behind Movie Trailers

You’ve probably not seen his face before but have heard that booming bass tone in some movie trailers you’ve come across. With over a hundred movie trailer voice overs, Richardson Green also known as Redd Pepper is the voice behind your favorite blockbuster movies.

Born in June 1961, Redd Pepper is a British voice-over artist at Harvey Voices. He once worked as a train engineer at the London Underground. His talent was discovered over the intercom at the London Underground.

Redd Pepper during Meerkat Meals commercial.

He has voiced the trailers for iconic movies like Armageddon, Space Jam, Men In Black, The Blair Witch Project, Boogie Nights, and Amistad. He is now working alongside the likes of Jurassic Park’s director Steven Spielberg. His vocal style is similar to that of Don LaFontaine popular known as the King of Movie Trailers.

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