Meet The IOT Network Hub, An IT Group Developing Solutions To Curb The Spread Of The Coronavirus

The IoT Network Hub Ghana, an Internet of Things community based at the Kofi Annan ICT Center, Ridge have taken an initiative to develop solutions that will be able to aid in controlling the spread of the coronavirus. Headed by Joshua Opoku Agyemang, the group started an initiative called Hack CoronaV about two weeks ago to find solutions to combat COVID-19. They have been working on a number of solutions which about 60% are ready for piloting, testing and mass production.

1. Touchless or Contactless washing taps, we have built same for liquid soap and sanitizer dispensing. The technology uses a sensor that senses the hand when it’s close to the outlet then the system automatically opens the tap for the water to flow.

Touchless taps during testing

2. Low Cost, Reusable 3d printed Face Mask with replaceable and recyclable filters.

Making of the face mask

3. Low Cost Face Shield to prevent coming into face contact with droplets hanging in the atmosphere, especially dealing with coronavirus victims and also prevents face touching.

Making of the face shield

4. An automated ventilator for supplying oxygen to victims of coronavirus.

5. An Artificial intelligence App that seeks to provide real-time updates on coronavirus cases, contact tracing, help in reporting cases, complaints and suspected cases, as well as educate the public on safety tips and basic preventive measures.

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