Man threatens divorce over wife’s flatulence

An elderly husband has had enough of their one-year-old marriage over his wife’s frequent flatulence.

The 56-year-old Agya David described his wife’s bedroom farting as frustrating, revealing in his years of numerous unions, he has never encountered such a situation.

What is supposed to be an interesting marriage has turned into a boxing bout, for which he wants to back out.

Speaking to Nhyira FM‘s Obra for intervention, Madam Vida recounted how her husband pounced on her one night, beat her with a stick, and dragged her on the concrete floor over her involuntary acts.

Madam Vida, who was almost in tears, revealed her bareback which was swollen. The worried wife, in a bid to save her marriage, confessed she now farts in a towel or in an enclosed environment to capture the odour.

Madam Vida has vowed never to back out of the marriage since she paid almost all the bills for their traditional and white wedding. Prior to their marriage, her husband was in various relationships that produced seven children.

Credit: Adomonline

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