Machines are not going to take our jobs and leave us unemployed

With the daily advancement of technology, and AI (Artificial intelligence) on the rise, there is increasing fear that soon, machines are going to take over our jobs. This idea is being promoted in movies, stories and many articles all over the media and this has caused a fear of new technological developments. Here’s a good reason why we can be sure, that machines and for that matter technology, is not going to take over our jobs.

Humans as opposed to machines, have certain in built skills and traits that machines will at least for a long time find it difficult or impossible to replicate, and this makes it impossible for us to be replaced entirely. A good example is our creative reasoning that AI cannot copy. According to one tech specialist and philosopher, William J. Littlefield II, humans are able to reason ‘abductively’, whereas machines are currently only able to do so deductively and inductively. In simple terms, this means we are able to reason outside of the parameters given when looking at challenges that are new to us, whereas machines are only able to work within a pre-determined structure.

A second factor we should focus on is that, as technology develops, new jobs will be created – many of which we can’t even imagine yet. So, despite a seeming shift of jobs in favor of machines, we can confidently say that new jobs will be created for humans. Indeed, there is a lot of historic evidence to support this point. Before the invention of computers, there were no jobs for computer programmers, web developers, system analysts, graphic designers, hackers and network administrators, just to name a few. But today, people occupying such roles have some of the highest paying jobs worldwide.

In conclusion, we can say that whiles there is some truth in the fact that machines will take over some jobs, there is consolation in knowing that not all jobs are at stake and that many new ones will be created which will see man and machines working together productively to improve the quality of life.

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