Juju man asked us to bring human parts & GHC 5000 – Kasoa killers reveal

The two young men who were arrested for killing 10-year-old Ishmael Mensah appeared in court yesterday and narrated how they ended up carrying out such a heinous crime.

The two who were arraigned before the Awutu Ofankor District Court earlier today told the court that they were influenced by a juju man they saw on television.

According to the suspects identified as Felix Nyarko aged 15 and his partner Nicholas Kiki aged 18 they contacted this juju man they saw on television who promised to make them billionaires if they are able to provide human part and an amount of 5000ghc.

Appearing before the court presided over by Her lordship Rosemond Vera Allotey, they said all they wanted to do was to kidnap the deceased Ishmael and demand an amount of Ghc 5000 from his parents.

It was revealed that they had in mind that after taking the ransom from the deceased parents, they would still go ahead and kill the boy so they could take the remains to the mallam for the rituals to be carried out.

Watch the video below:

A reporter who was at the court today revealed that whiles Felix showed remorse for his actions, Nicholas on the other hand looked unconcerned and acted normal.

At the end of the proceedings today, the court announced that since Felix is a minor he should be tried before a juvenile court whiles Felix shows up in the District Court to continue with the case.

Credit: Ghpage

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