Jackline Mensah: The Queen of TikTok videos in Ghana

 Jackline Mensah,  a 19-year-old SHS final year student has come out to be Ghana’s most hilarious TikTok video maker. She started her videos only in March 2019 but has become a celebrity with her art, constantly putting laughter on many faces. The amazing teenager indicates that she draws her inspiration from everyday events that happen around her. 

 Jackline Mensah has emerged to become arguably the best TikTok video maker in Ghana with her creativity. In a video sighted on the official Facebook handle of Pulse TV, Jackline Mensah narrates how she became famous within the space of just one year of making her videos. 

 Interestingly, Jackline also said many people find her ability to make different facial expressions quite remarkable and she felt encouraged that she would do well with TikTok. Jackline lives with her grandmother who is her biggest fan and has one sibling who is a sister.

Check out a compilation of her Titkok videos below:


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