It all started when I finally got to JHS1, a move from the primary compound to the junior high school block. It was a big deal for me, that transition was everything to me. I knew from that point onwards those at the primary block would be addressing me as “senior” and that felt good.

My two older brothers, Ekow and Jojo were already at the JHS block, one in JHS2 and the other in JHS3. And I had a cousin, Ebo, who was also in JHS3 with my oldest brother Ekow. With all these brothers and cousin, I always felt protected in school. Despite being close with my brothers, I was much closer to my cousin, he was funny and fun to hang out with. He had goofy friends who would always make you laugh.

I got used to spending most of my time with my cousin and his friends, and he always came to our house on the weekends to hang out with my brothers and I, they wasted most of their time playing football or playing FIFA. My cousin would usually, if not always, come by with his best friend Calvin. Calvin was a tall, brown skin, curly hair, and shy person who was always seen with Ebo, my cousin. They were inseparable for some weird reasons.

Calvin became a regular face at our house, so much so that, most at times he could spend the night here. He was a good boy so my parents liked him.

As time went by, I began to see changes in my body physically, “You’re growing beautifully” my father would flatter me. “You’re growing fat” my brothers and Ebo would tease me but not Calvin. He would always tell me to ignore them and not pay any attention. I got used to him defending me all the time; it was really sweet and nice. However, my brothers did not see it that way; they began teasing me with him.

My brothers would tease me and say Calvin was my husband and I would chase them around the house with a cane or whatever I could get my hands on. My oldest brother Ekow, who was in the same class with Ebo and Calvin, would tell me Calvin has a crush on me and could talk about me all day in class, and Ebo would confirm it. Therefore, I always knew Calvin liked me but he never had the balls to confess.

Few months for my brothers to write their BECE something happened…

Calvin and Ebo would join Ekow at our home to prep for the exams every evening. One evening after the boys were done prepping, Ebo sent Ekow for me. When I arrived in the room, Ebo said he had to ‘pee’ so I should wait for him, so I was left alone with Calvin in the room. It was weird at first but Calvin had this charming smile that quickly put me at ease. He asked me to sit down because he wanted to talk to me. He was struggling with how to begin but soon found his rhythm. He told me about how nice I was looking that evening and how beautiful I am.

He told me, he has always had a crush on me, and I was the main reason he always came to our house to play with my brothers. He bowed down his head the whole time as he was talking to me, he couldn’t look me in the face, I could tell he was really shy but still kept that momentum going. He told me he really liked me and I would make him the happiest boy in the world if I agreed to be his girlfriend. I already knew he liked me so I didn’t need time to think about it so I agreed to be his girl and he hugged me for the first time.

The first few weeks were amazing; we spent hours texting and talking on phone. He would come to our home to prep but would end up talking to me the entire night. He was my first boyfriend so I was in love and I knew he loved me too. One of the perks of being his girlfriend was that, he was the Compound Prefect of our school so he never allowed me to do any groundwork, I was exempted from sweeping or scrubbing anywhere on campus.


Ever since I began dating Calvin, he always walked me home from school. It was nice, because we would hold hands as we came, sometimes we would attract some prying eyes from strangers but we didn’t mind.

That afternoon was no exception, we were just a few blocks away from my house when I saw my mother’s car approaching from a distance, I panicked and I quickly hid behind a kiosk close by. I didn’t want my mother to see us. Her sudden appearance caught me by surprise because this wasn’t the usual time my mother would be at home.

I was so confused, I kept wondering if my mother saw us, and we were holding hands when I spotted the car so I freaked out. I told Calvin to leave me here, I wanted to continue home all by myself, he agreed and turned the opposite direction home.

That evening Calvin didn’t show up for prep which I thought was a good idea. And I kept avoiding mom, it was as if we were playing hide and seek when I saw her. I was so nervous and uncomfortable; I did not want to give mom any reason to ask questions just in case she saw Calvin and I earlier that afternoon. And God being so good, mother never asked me a thing, I went to bed happy.

The next day at school, I was on the balcony when I saw my mother’s car entering our school. This was rare, I kept wondering why she was in the school. From my classroom window, I began spying her movements, and when she came out from the car she went straight to the Principal’s office. Moments later I saw Calvin being called to the office. I got scared and my heart began to pound very fast. I couldn’t concentrate the entire day. My mother left after a while.

During lunch time I went to see Calvin and asked about why he was called to the Principal’s office. He said my mother wanted to know if there was something going on between him and I. I asked him what he told them, he replied, “I told them everything, I told them about us”, “Oh my GOD I am finished” I remember crying out loud. I asked him why he didn’t lie and say there was nothing going on between us, he said he couldn’t lie, heerrrhhh I was so angry at him. I just had to keep my composure and stop myself from slapping him. He knew how strict my parents were, especially my mother so I was so angry when he didn’t lie.

I got called to the Principal’s office after school. I was scared as hell walking into that lion’s den. The Principal was fond of me, he treated me like one of his daughters so I was nervous appearing before him. He asked me if there was anything going on between Calvin and I, I wanted to lie but Calvin already let the cat out the bag so I confirmed everything Calvin said. Then he proceeded to counsel me and ordered that I be on my best behavior. That was the most embarrassing day of my life!

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse, I had to face my parents, especially my mother. She really scolded me, she gave me an 8pm bedtime curfew, and I was told to come home straight after school, and the worst of it all, she ceased my phone indefinitely. She told me to end everything with Calvin, she said a 14 year old girl like me should have no business having a boyfriend.

That night, I cried my lungs out. It really ended in tears for me.

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