I caught my father, a church elder having sex with our tenant’s wife in the bathroom

I am the firstborn of my parents, followed by my twin sisters, who are just a little over two years old. I am still in high school. I woke up one night around 2am very thirsty, so I decided to go get some water from the fridge, which was stationed at the living room. Upon reaching there, I realized our main door was slightly open, which startled me heavily. My heart began pounding very fast; I thought maybe someone had broken into our room.

So I started looking around scared of what might jump out from the dark. I rubbed my eyes to wake up from my slumber. After carefully looking around, I did not see anyone. I was so relieved but still not satisfied, I decided to go and scope outside, just in case. I peeped through our door but did not see anyone. I ventured outside to satisfy my curiosity and new found foolish bravery.

I could only see two dogs sleeping on the compound a distance away. One of them woke up when it sensed me approaching. I did not see anyone outside apart from them. And there were no signs of forced entry and our door did not seem to have been tampered with so I could not understand why our door was open. It is locked every night so tonight should not have been different. The closest reason I could come up with was maybe, just maybe, someone just forgot to lock the door before heading to sleep. Nothing else seemed out of the ordinary so I decided to head back to bed.

As I turned to walk away, I heard soft funny noises coming from the direction of the bathroom. It peaked my interest so I decided to go check it out. The noises got louder and louder as I got closer. Without invitation and concern, I walked into the bathroom and that was the biggest mistake of my life. What I saw traumatized me for life. I felt dumb, unable to move or think. My mind just could not phantom what it had just witnessed. I saw my Dad having sex with the wife of our next-door tenant.

The woman quickly covered her face and wrapped herself up with a piece of cloth on the floor. My dad placed his palm on his mouth, embarrassed. My dad began whispering, “Please, please, please”. Still recovering from the shock, I left them and rushed back to my room to sleep, even though I could not sleep the entire night. For how long has this affair been going on, I kept wondering and tossing in bed.

The next morning I could not even take my bath at that bathroom, I went to the back of our house to have my bath. I left early for school. Since that day my Dad has not been able to look me in the eyes when talking to me or asking me to do something. Same goes to the woman, she always try to avoid me whenever she sees me coming. My father is an elder in one of the biggest Orthodox churches in the world (name withheld), and he is good friends with the husband of the woman he slept with. I sometimes see them chatting and laughing as if my Dad does not know he is having sex with his wife, such evilness.

The most difficult part is I am not able to tell my mother about all this, I know it will break her if I tell her anything, I do not want her to go through this trauma I am going through. I know this happened like a year ago but it is still fresh in my mind every day I see my Dad or the woman; honestly, I do not know what to do.

Please keep my name anonymous.

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