I am the originator of Azonto, Sarkodie “perches” new artists to stay relevant – Gasmilla

Ghanaian Hiplife artist Odartei Milla Lamptey popularly known as Gasmilla or International Fisherman, in a recent interview with ace Ghanaian broadcast journalist Abeiku Santana has made a number of revelations about the Azonto genre. The “Telemo” hit maker said point blank that he is the originator of both the sound and dance “Azonto”. 

This comes amid the movement or call to resurrect azonto, a call which many artists led by Sarkodie are heeding. Gasmilla is of a different view though and maintains that azonto was never dead, but rather, most artists abandoned the genre as new trends emerged while they (the coastal area artists) kept on promoting the genre. Asked to mention some names of those who kept on doing azonto, Gasmilla mentioned Bukom Banku, Luther, Nii Funny, Apaatse, Wisa Greid, Teshie Boy, and King Jerry.

Gasmilla also added that Sarkodie has no claim to azonto and that the rapper “perches” new crop of artists to stay relevant (which he said is a smart move), but that led to him abandoning azonto, since these new artists come with new or different trends or styles.

Sarkodie and E.L are widely considered as the pioneers of the azonto genre as explained in a recent article titled “The resurrection of Azonto (E.L ft. Sarkodie – Revival)” published on Gasmilla sought to correct that notion by giving a background of how the genre came about, after mentioning that the lack of proper documentation is the cause of the confusion. He said he was the first person to make a tutorial of the azonto dance, and even Slim Buster who was then considered the dance god told him (Gasmilla) that he learnt azonto from him.

When asked what he wants from Sarkodie, Gasmilla said “Sarkodie shouldn’t act like he doesn’t know who Gasmilla is and what he has done so long as the azonto genre is concerned”. He also added that Sarkodie and E.L should thank Nshorna Muzick since they introduced or made them privy to azonto.

Watch the full interview below:

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