“I am looking for donkey” — Sam George [video]

Honourable Sam George has gradually through conscious effort managed to etch a likeness of him into the hearts of the youth of Ghana, a majority, if not all. A feat he achieved througfh his high sense of humour, sarcasm and intellectual engagements on social media.

The recent price increment in fuel is a fresh scar on the minds of Ghanaians, and when asked what his opinion was on the matter, he as usual made a witty comment that has got people laughing.

Speaking in an interview on TV3’s New Day show with Johnny Hughes, Sam George said he has packed his car and currently looking for a donkey to ride due to his inability to afford fuel at the current price.

Price of fuel at the pumps is almost GHS8 at many fuel stations in the country after starting the year at about GHS6.5 per litre.

The price of crude oil has also increased by about 25 percent since January although it started off at about 75 dollars per barrel.

Locally, these increases have compelled some transport unions to threaten to increase transport fares by some 30 percent, a move they have justified as the only way they can stay afloat amid the fuel price hikes.

Watch the video below:

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