How 5 pesewas landed this man in jail for 12 months

Crime Check TV Gh has shared a very sad story of how a young man was sentenced to 12-months imprisonment over a 5pesewas coin.

Below is the full story as narrated by Crime Check;

Kwabena Boateng has been given a 12-month prison sentence for causing harm to his best friend who used an old 5 pesewas currency, not in use to buy from his shop.

Boateng explains further that his best friend used the outdated currency to buy cigarette from his ten-year-old daughter whiles he was away. He says when he got wind of it, he confronted his friend about it.

Not happy with Boateng’s approach, the friend pulled a knife. In the ensuing confrontation, the knife slightly cut his friend’s hand.

Boateng was eventually arraigned before court and asked to pay a two thousand cedis fine or in default go to prison for a year. He could not pay so had to endure the psychological stress and the pain of imprisonment.

Not good to take the law into ones’ hands, but at times certain circumstances may push one to make “war” to live in peace. The state could have at least provided a lawyer for Boateng as it is done in other democratic jurisdictions, but poor people hardly get lawyers to defend them in court.

The Legal Aid scheme constitutionally mandated to help the poor and the vulnerable, do not have enough lawyers. Boateng still feels justice was not served in his case as he tearfully narrated the injustice meted out to him.

Fortunately, good samaritan Ali Ibrahim has paid his fine for him to go home. But for how long will good people continue to pay fines when Parliament could have simply passed the Non-Custodial Sentencing bill into law? Many thanks Mr Ali. May Allah richly bless you.

Source: Crime Check TV Gh

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