“Hostile” Accra Fm radio presenter, Nana Romeo finally meets his meter [video]

It’s often said that everyone has skeletons in their closets or cupboards, and that seems to be true in the case of Nana Romeo, a radio presenter at Accra based Accra fm.

The presenter, who is now tagged or touted as “hostile”, has been trending on social media for some time now. The first time we saw his name on the trend list was when he sacked Lynx Entertainment’s Kidi for being late to an interview. He topped the trend list on twitter yesterday (9th June) and is still holding the number one position comfortably as at now.

He is being bashed for the ulterior motive many assume he had while interviewing Wendy Shay on Accra Fm. The presenter persistently opined that he had evidence that Wendy Shay was involved in a romantic relationship with her manager, Bullet.

The singer refuted the claims and added that even if it was true that she was involved in a romantic relationship with her manager, they are two consenting adults, and as such there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Not satisfied with the answer Wendy gave, and as if on an agenda, the presenter kept pestering and asking questions along that line. Eventually, Wendy couldn’t take it any longer and walked out of the studio after apologizing to her fans.

Later on, Nana Romeo was called on phone to join an ongoing discussion on Kingdom fm, and that was when he met his meter, as a lady who goes by the name Fabregas juxtaposed what Nana Romeo did to Wendy Shay with what ensued between he (Romeo) and her (Fabregas).

She asked Nana Romeo what impact his line of questioning would have had on the industry, and added that he was invading the privacy of Wendy Shay, something she said the male presenters always do to female acts.

The lady alleged that Romeo had one time driven to her place to see her with the intention of a romantic encounter. She then asked him if it would be fair on her part to give such information to a third party seeking to interview him. When the heat was too much for Romeo, he just hang up on the call, realizing that Fabregas could reveal or level more damaging allegations against him. From his demeanor, you could see that what the lady was saying were facts or had some truth.

Watch the video below:


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