Having s#x with a woman while she is on her menstrual period is sweet & healthy – Counsellor Lutterodt

Ghanaian controversial marriage counsellor, Cyril George Lutterodt has made some wild claims about how enjoyable it is to have an intercourse with a woman when she menstruate.

The Outspoken marriage counsellor speaking in an interview with Kofi Tv reiterated that chopping a woman while she is on menstruating period is not only enjoyable but also very healthy.

There is a mundane around the world that when a woman is having her menstruation it not advisable for that woman to be having an intercourse with a man.

But the marriage adviser is of a different opinion as he claims there is no scientific evidence proving that while menstruating it improper to be warming your bed.

According to Cyril George Lutterodt there is nothing wrong with it because the monthly discharge provide certain essential health benefits which also serves as pain reliever for women.

The outspoken marriage counsellor argued that the perception about menstruation of women in connection with having intercourse with men is rubbish as he believe is just a myth.

source: GHpage

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