Ghana’s Dancing Pallbearers, “Dada Awu” boys

Go through your Whatsapp statuses, or go to the GIF section of your stickers and search “Ghana”, login to your twitter account and scroll through your feeds for some minutes, check your instagram or facebook stories, or go to youtube, wherever you pass on all major social media and interactive platforms, you will come across the famous pallbearers from Ghana, nicknamed “Dada Awu” boys. How did a group of young men who were just going about their coffin carrying business end up as “celebrities” the world over?

It all boils down to creativity, innovation, consistency, and hard-work. While they went about their normal daily routine of pall-bearing, people were busy making tiktok videos and memes with their dancing moves all over social media. It started with people sharing their various display sessions, and then editing their videos or infusing it with risk taking acts or adventures, with a signature tune or sound.

They have now become a social media sensation, not just in Ghana, but the world over, with famous people trying to mimic their dance moves, and even carrying coffin-like objects in such videos. The boredom as a result of the lock-down  in many countries is a major contributor to their fame, as people now spend more time on social media and try to create funny contents to entertain.

They are celebrities now, and of course, as the law of economics stipulates, the prices they charge for their services has gone up as demand has drastically increased. They have granted a number of interviews, and have been featured in a BBC video as well. They are so good at their job that, they make you feel like dying so they can carry you……lol.

Check out some videos and memes below;

Kwame Sektor

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