Ghanaians to enjoy another 3 months of free water and subsidized electricity – Finance Minister

The finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta has announced that Ghanaians will enjoy another three months of free water and electricity supply as a measure by government to reduce the burden of the Covid-19 pandemic on Ghanaians.

The minister made the announcement during his Mid-year Budget review, saying it is because government puts the concerns and aspirations of the ordinary Ghanaian first.

“That is also why we further reduced electricity prices by half and completely provided potable water for free for everybody since March this year. And we will extend it for another three months,” he told Parliament, Thursday.

The reduction in electricity tariffs and free water supply started in April when some regions were put under partial lockdown and thus the government had to reduce the burden on Ghanians since most people couldn’t go out to work and businesses were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Minister emphasized that the free water initiative would be for all water consumers while the electricity supply would be limited to only lifeline consumers at a cost of ¢1.02 billion in three months.

“It takes a caring government of the people, and with that, I mean, a Government of all the people, to offer cost-free water to all across the country: representing all domestic and commercial customers in Ghana for three months.

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