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Ghanaian women are super boring when it comes to texting. They lack basic conversation & communication skills. Their comprehension to most common expressions and commonly used phrases are shallow. They lack basic humor and dark humor. They do not know what satire is or any form of comedy or jokes.

Don’t get me started with sarcasm, you’ll regret it. Use sarcasm on a Ghanaian woman and she’ll think you’re insulting or disrespecting her. The annoying part is, you’ll spend hours or days or even weeks, depending on her mood, trying to explain your harmless sarcasm to her in order not to get blocked or stop texting you.

Ghanaian women never text first, sometimes, but not always, it’s very rare like a white giraffe. And when they do text you, they think their job is done. They expect you to hold the conversation till the very end.

If you say something funny and she replies “lol” and you don’t say anything else to continue the chat… That’s the end of the conversation. I mean we’re dealing with local creatures who reply “what’s up” with “I dey oohh” “Adey” “I’m fine” “Cool”, who taught Ghanaian women that the reply to ‘what’s up’ is “Adey oohh”, it’s so embarrassing.

These women are so bad at texting first that they tend to use their femininity and sexual aura in photos and videos to initiate conversations. They know exactly what type and nature of photos to upload on their social media handles to get men drooling in their private messages. That explains women’s excessive obsessions for taking needles countless ‘thirst traps’ and videos.

Ghanaian women, why do you think most men flood their social media pages and apps with funny memes and hilarious videos? Because that’s the only way to get your attention. The only way to get you to willingly text first by reacting to the video or meme. Check your messaging apps, go through the numerous status of your male friends, 90% are funny videos and memes.

The only time a Ghanaian woman will indulge in a chat with you is when;

  1. She likes you.
  2. She finds you attractive.
  3. She wants something from you.
    Discredit: These reasons have not been vetted and approved by the FDA.
    Why? Because these reasons are subject to change based on her mood. Meaning you can’t predict these daughters of Eve.

It’s an extreme sport chatting with someone who doesn’t want to indulge in your chat for any of the three reasons above. Sometimes you don’t want anything from them, just a normal conversation but that can be impossible.

They usually tell you, “You ask too many questions”, “Where from all these questions”, when they don’t want to chat with you. Young Ghanaian King, never fret when a Ghanaian woman tells you this, just read the vibes from the chat and decide whether to continue the chat or end it, though I’d strongly advise the latter. Just know that a Ghanaian woman will tell you the name of the woman on the 50 pesewas coin when she likes you, finds you attractive or wants something from you.

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