Ghana TV stations to stop showing Telenovelas from 1st May 2021 – NFA

The Ghana National film Authority has released a public statement indicating that no television station, cinema theatre, or movie screening center shall show any unclassified audio-visual contents.

According to the national film authority, they are going to put strict compliance to the development and classification of film act 935 that states ‘all audiovisual contents shall be previewed and classified before exhibition’.

In view of the above, the National film authority has been working tirelessly to ensure some of the audiovisual contents which are shown on Ghanaian free-to-air Television stations are barred.

Such audiovisual content includes feature films, short films, TV series, documentaries, advertisements, music videos, and some selected TV programs.

Among all the most prioritized on the agenda is the foreign Telenovelas which the film authority intends to clear off from the free-to-air TV screens.

In a bid to achieve this, the Telenovelas will have to be put into the unclassified audiovisual content which the laws will have no other choice but to ban from showing on free-to-air Television, Cinema theatres, movie centers, film libraries, etc in Ghana.

Rea the full statement below:

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