Ex-Ghanaian footballer claims he’s the biological father of Manchester United star Marcus Rashford

Former Ghanaian footballer Michael Boye Marquaye, who claims to be the biological father of Manchester United and England star Marcus Rashford, has sensationally revealed that the footballer’s identity has been changed.

Marquaye, 65, has told Ghanaian-based Kumasi FM that he is ready to produce legal documents backing his claims if he is pushed to the wall. A case of player identity change is becoming an emerging trend among Black footballers in England with former Arsenal player Marcus McGuane changing his identity from Marcus Agyei-Tabi to Marcus Samuel Michael McGuane.

Ghanasportsonline.com reported on Wednesday morning that Marquaye has claimed the 22-year-old is his biological son. The soft-spoken man has gone a step further to give some more details about his claim during an interview with the Ghanaian radio station.

Michael Boye Marquaye

“Marcus Rashford is my biological son. He’s half Ghanaian and half English. His mom is a white woman whom my relationship with was open, her family knows me very well. I’m challenging everyone to sue and imprison me if anyone thinks these claims are lies.

I have a lot of proof to back my claim, if challenged I will release evidence which will be damming to Marcus Rashford’s reputation,” he said.

The talented striker is officially known for having parents of Jamaican descent with Melanie Rashford of St Kitts descent as his mother and Jamaican, Joseph Rashford as his father officially.

But Marquaye has challenged that records: “Marcus Rashford isn’t a Jamaican. The adopted father is rather from Jamaica. Marcus Rashford’s name has been changed, the original name I gave him was Jonathan Mama Marcus.” He claims Rashford’s mother has blocked any attempts by him to get access to the Manchester United star.

“There have been many efforts by me to reach him in accepting me as his father but the white mother has polluted his mind. I’m ready for a paternity test to prove he is my son.”

Source: ghanasportsonline.com

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