Delivery guy saves 2-year-old baby that fell from a 12-storey building [watch video]

A Vietnamese delivery driver has been touted as a superhero in Hanoi after he saved a two-year-old girl who fell from a 12th-floor balcony.

Nguyen Ngoc Manh, aged 31, while making a delivery at about 5 pm on Sunday, heard a child crying. He told the Anninhthudo news organization that a woman’s wailing caught his attention so much that he couldn’t help but stick his head out of the window only to see what was happening.

Nguyen told local media in the Vietnam capital that he thought the little girl was throwing a tantrum but later noticed it was something else. After rescuing the child who fell from 50 metres above the ground, Nguyen Ngoc Manh told the Vietnam Times while trembling, “I saw a girl climbing out of the balcony.

I mounted a two-metre-high tile roof to seek a proper position to get the girl.” The hero explained that he stood on a metallic roof used to store generators, and although he lost his footing as the child fell, he flung himself forward to catch her, landing so hard that he left a dent in the roof.


“I tried to reach out my hand and took the maximum effort to catch the girl hoping that at the very least he might be able to prevent her from falling straight to the ground.

Fortunately, the baby fell into my lap. I hurriedly embraced her then saw blood leaking from her mouth, I was very frightened,” he said. A video captured from a nearby apartment building shows how the child climbed over the balcony railing and onto a thin ledge.

From the excerpts, neighbours in the opposite building could be heard wailing moments before the little girl lost her grip and fell. Reports say that the child was taken to the National Children’s Hospital and doctors say she dislocated her hip but suffered no other injuries.

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