Coronavirus: Russia’s top doctor resigns over serious violations of medical ethics in Putin’s covid-19 vaccine

Russia’s leading respiratory doctor has quit over ‘gross violations’ of medical ethics that rushed through Putin’s coronavirus ‘vaccine’. 

Professor Alexander Chuchalin, who created the Russian Research Institute of Pulmonology, and is head of the Department of Hospital Therapy, at the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, decided to quit the Russian health ministry’s ethics council after making a fierce attack on the new Sputnik V drug ahead of the body approving its registration. 

Amid deep doubts among Western experts over the drug, it appears that prof. Chuchalin sought and failed to block its registration on ‘safety’ grounds before quitting the ethics council.

He specifically accused the two leading medics involved in its development of flouting medical ethics in rushing the vaccine into production.

Chuchalin allegedly asked them: ‘Have you passed all the necessary paths approved by Russian Federation legislation and the international scientific community? Not!

‘This job has not been done. Thus, one of the ethical principles of medicine has been grossly violated – to do no harm.’

He stressed: ‘I am depressed by the position of some of our scientists who make irresponsible statements about ready-made vaccines.’ 

In an interview with journal Nauka i Zhizn (Science and Life) shortly before he quit, Chuchalin warned: ‘In the case of a drug or vaccine, we, as ethical reviewers, would like to understand, first of all, how safe it is for humans.

‘Safety always comes first. How to evaluate it? The vaccines that are being created today have never been used in humans, and we cannot predict how a person will tolerate it.

And one of Russia’s leading virologists has even warned that the vaccine could increase the spread of Covid-19. 

In a separate attack on the vaccine, Prof Alexander Chepurnov said the ‘danger exists’ of ‘increasing the disease with the wrong design of the vaccine’.

Chepurnov is former head of the laboratory for specially hazardous diseases at Vector Institute in Siberia which is also involved in developing vaccines for coronavirus.

Putin said one of his daughters had been given the vaccine and had suffered no side effects worse than a high temperature. 'She's feeling well and has a high number of antibodies,' he boasted


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