Check out the now deleted photo of Benedicta Gafah after receiving hot insults and bullying on social media

The co-host of the TV3 music music program has in recent times been on the chopping board of netizens for claims that the beautiful presenter has been hipping up with an artificial butt.

She recently posted a photo of herself on social media where she was bashed heavily by netizens that they have now found out with that picture that she indeed has been using artificial stuffs to make her butt look bigger on TV and on social media because her ass now look very tiny with that picture she posted.

We all thought time was brushing away the negative buzz around Benedicta until sunday afternoon, she posted another picture on her facebook timeline showing her naked ass which she quickly deleted after some few minutes.

We may not know the reason why she deleted the picture, whether upon second thought she realized it was too raw or some of the comments which followed after the picture was uploaded.

Your’s truly WETAYA.COM got you covered with the picture Benedicta posted and some of the comments which accompanied:



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